The 11th Asia-Pacific Landfill Symposium

October 28-30 (Wed.-Fri.), 2020

The 11th Asia-Pacific Landfill Symposium


October 28-30 (Wed.-Fri.), 2020


APLAS is a symposium originally established to discuss about the topics relevant to landfill issues. Recently, the APLAS has become a major international meeting in the Asia-Pacific region for the discussion of waste problems among research, policy-making and industrial communities. The role of APLAS is thus to solve waste management problems from the viewpoints of regional and global environmental sustainability.



This symposium will address the advancements and challenges in the fields of waste policy and legislation, industrial practices, waste collection and transportation, resource recycling and recovery technologies, integrated waste management (biological treatments, thermal treatments, landfilling, and landfill restoration), waste-to-energy strategies, and hazardous waste management. This year, in particular, the theme is broadened into Bio-, Circular- and Green Economy (BCG) to endorse the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which call for urgent action to combat the climate change and its impacts.


This event provides 3 tracks for all subject-involved participants as follows:


Research Presentations: In this track, researchers will have the opportunity to share their latest findings and obtain valuable constructive comments from their peers. Should you or your company would like to share your research discovery with the peers, please submit your abstract to us via e-mail below by March 30, 2020.


Business Matching Sessions: This track offers a platform for companies and start-ups to show their latest technical or business innovations and to network with their potential business partners.


Workshop: The main objective of this track is to provide training sessions on the latest knowledge in environment-related technology, science, and engineering, to participants who wish to be constantly up-to-date with the technological trends.


We welcome participants for all three tracks. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat, Assistant Professor Dr. Achariya SURIYAWONG, at AplasBKK2020@gmail.com.


We are looking forward to seeing you in October 2020.


Professor Thares SRISATIT (Chairperson and President of EEAT, Thailand)
Professor Kazuei ISHII (Chairperson President of NPO.LSA, Japan; Hokkaido University, Japan)